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Media Asset Management

Browse your media assets from any location

Using the latest web technologies, we created the iSupport Media Asset Management system keeping in mind that users need to easily find, retrieve and share media content from any remote location.

Media Asset Management
Media.link Communications Ltd

Assign metadata to incoming assets

Group media files into assets, tag multiple related clips at once
Organize Assets into categories
Write Asset name, description, tags and timestamp
Cache Clip Metadata: codec, width, height, duration and timestamp.
media asset management

Extended Search

Search Criteria
Match Search Criteria by Asset name, description and tags
Media Assets
Browse Assets by Category
View Clip Metadata before opening
Extract Date
Show last extract date

Browse clips through proxy for enhanced user experience

The system's media proxy generates a relatively low resolution proxy clip and thumbnail of the original clip.

The Proxy Clip is easily transferred and easily playable for review. Request a data transfer of the Asset’s Clips to an Extract Folder.

An Export folder can be a network location convenient to the media consumer.

media asset management

Mobile Device Friendly Interface

The system comes with an intuitive user interface to comfortably coordinate, Index, Search, Proxy review and Extract on any screen size of your choice.

Responsive Layout for easy access through mobile devices.

Intuitive User Interface
Easy Search Facility
Responsive Layout

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