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Live Streaming & On Demand

Our live streaming solutions cover everything you need


Whether you are broadcasting 24/7 television content or a one-off event, our live streaming solutions cover everything you need from the source to the delivery of an audio/video stream to any user device.

Our custom-built video processing engine takes care of your entire automation process and includes automated multimedia trimming, transcoding, multiplexing and optimization for web delivery. Our custom-configured backend servers ensure that your infrastructure is highly optimized to the efficient delivery of video content whilst factoring cost of bandwidth and data transfer.

Live Streaming & On Demand

Innovative Features such as Rewind & Restart Episode

We understand that audiovisual content can be the medium for your next business idea. That’s why our custom live streaming solution does not simply deliver video to a screen, but can be customized to support your business model with innovative features such as rewind, restart episode, advertising pre-roll/overlay and custom graphics/data overlay which may include viewer contributions.

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Rewind Episode
Catch up your favorite episode by rewinding the live stream time line
Restart Episode
Goto the beginning of the episode at the click of a button
Pre-Roll Ads
Monetize your video media content by attaching pre roll ads

Your customers can consume audiovisual content wherever and whenever they want

Your linear broadcasting schedule will always remain popular for exclusive live content and enables you to better monetize your broadcasting hours.

However, your customers also want to consume audiovisual content wherever and whenever they want. Transform your live schedule into a rich media library of episodes that are automatically extracted from your live stream. Organize your on-demand episodes by date, category or season/episode number. Your automatically-generated clips are also automatically annotated with metadata such as content duration and a relevant thumbnail.

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