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Donation Management System

Donation Management Sysem
Malta Community Chest Fund

Maximize your fund raising activities

Donation management is one of the most delicate processes in a fundraising activity.

Tight regulations and the need for full transparency and accountability mean there’s no room for error.

We created the iSupport Donation Management System with the most rigorous protocols in mind. We have put it to the test with fundraising events by some of the most prominent entities on the island, including the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. And it has delivered every time.

donation management

Everything is linked and centralised for maximum control

The system centralises and links all of the various donation collection methods that are being used during the fundraising activity
Donations Work flow
It also defines the workflow for the various operational functions, in order to standardise and consolidate all procedures
The dashboard makes it very easy to analyse and display the data for the event, which is a crucial step in obtaining precise data at particular intervals

Real Time Data and Statistics

The system also provides real time data, which will assist the strategy team in adjusting the fundraising approach and donation management as needed.

donation management

Donation Management is a complete fund raising suite

Pledge Module
Cash Point Module
Desk Donations Module
Manual Sum Injection
CG Module
Statistics & Logs
On Demand Trigger Control Panel
SMS Parsing
Telephony SP Integration

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